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AMAWAJU ALKHAYR SHIPS & BOATS REPAIRING is an authorized service center for Nautique, Centurion, and Supreme boats. We provide repair and maintenance services for yachts, boats, and other water equipment for sports and outdoor activities. Our team of certified engineers and ship mechanics use modern equipment to provide services of the highest level and European quality, seven days a week, as quickly as possible. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with our work.


About Our Company

We specialize in boat repairs, ensuring your vessel is in top shape for your next adventure. Trust our experienced team for quality service and reliable solutions.

What We Do?

Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical Repairs

For maximum efficiency, our boat repair facility is located on the boundary of Abu Dhabi and Dubai with access to slipway. Mechanics are schooled and factory trained and equipped with proper knowledge of any boat type or engine. We can perform services from the simplest adjustment to out-of-water repairs including engine and diagnostic. We take full responsibility for your safety on board and hence offer a complete line of mechanical services.

Rebuilds And Overhaul​

Rebuilds and Overhaul

Engine repair and overhaul is one of Jalboot’s technical expertise. As an engine specialist, we service and repair a wide range of diesel and gas engines. Dedicated to putting back engines into like-new conditions with all parts examined and replaced. Our service center facilities are fully equipped to handle all major engine repairs either rebuilding or overhauling.

Engine Servicing and Diagnostic (Inboard and Outboard)

Engine Servicing and Diagnostic (Inboard and Outboard)

We provide services to boat owners in both the private and commercial sectors. With an excellent team of mechanics for major and minor repairs of outboard and inboard engines and even perform engine modifications for that additional horsepower. We repair all brands of inboard and outboard engines and we are the exclusive service center for ILMOR engines. Our well trained Marine Service Experts get the job done right the first time!

Antifouling And Polishing​

Antifouling and Polishing

Antifouling and polishing protect the hull and prevents speed loss and increase in fuel consumption. Considering the factors mainly affecting here in the UAE which is temperature and salinity of water, we use specialized antifouling paints that provide the vessel effective and long lasting protection. The end of each boating season is a good time to thoroughly polish a boat. By removing oxidation and algae stains and then sealing the boat with wax, you’ll ensure that it’s ready to set sail!

Customer Reviews

Excellent experience! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Our boat runs perfectly now.
Sarah L
Top-notch service! They went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. A trusted boat repair business.
David M.

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